Photo of Denny Turner

Denny Turner

Research Associate

Denney Turner was born and raised in the small town of Franklin, Virginia between the paper mill and farm fields. She is a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S. in Environmental Studies. Denney is now completing her accelerated Master’s degree in VCU’s Center for Environmental Studies.  She began her time at VCU majoring in photography, where she found success showing her work in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the New York Times.  After interning at Maymont Park as a Zoology Assistant and Environmental Education Intern, Denney had the desire to seek more knowledge of her love for animals, nature and conservation. She soon after decided to pursue a degree in Environmental Studies. As an Environmental Studies student, Denney studied Bald Eagle and Osprey DNA, nesting and foraging behavior of Prothonotary Warblers and reared caterpillars for research of parasitic wasps. 

During her junior year, she took Professor Godfrey’s Sustainable Societies - James River Basin course. This course sparked Denney’s interest in education for sustainability. She became a teaching assistant for the course the following semester. She has continued working alongside Professor Godfrey on an Education for Sustainability project with Goochland County Public Schools and updating course materials for EFI’s Sustainable Societies – James River Basin and Global Sustainable Societies courses. Denney hopes to apply her team-building and teaching skills with her knowledge of sustainability challenges to educate others about the challenges and strategies to overcome them.