Photo of Rebecca Evans

Rebecca Evans

Assistant Project Manager
Becca graduated in 2010 from Lynchburg College with a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a heavy science curriculum and is now in her third semester in VCU’s Center for Environmental Studies graduate program. During her time at LC, Becca successfully renovated a dilapidated on-campus greenhouse and supplied fresh, organic herbs and vegetables to the campus dining hall. After a semester of continuous veggie supply, Becca expanded the greenhouse to include a large garden off campus to provide even more fresh produce. In the five years between graduation and starting grad school, Becca spent several years working and managing an emergency animal clinic, which is where she discovered the thrill of working in fast paced environments. Her research interests include environmental ethics and policy, and international efforts to combat climate change. Recently, she has been involved in research involving international carbon accounting and the ethical issues associated with such an agreement, which has successfully married her two major interests. As a Teaching Assistant for Bill Godfrey in the spring of ’15, Becca learned of the SRVA project and immediately wanted to be involved. As a part of the project, Becca has worked closely with Bill and Karin to keep the project team organized, as well assisting with editing of the final recommendations report and planning of the release event.