Corey Jenkins

Technology Director

As a graphic designer, and web developer, Corey Jenkins brings both new media savvy and visual problem solving expertise to EFI's programs. After joining EFI in 2002, Corey worked on EFI’s Sustainable Societies in Africa: Modules on Education for Sustainable Development creating the web and CD versions of the program, as well as the supporting printed manuals. On a more regular basis, Corey is responsible for the EFI website and creating materials for online marketing.

Corey is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, where his course work focused on graphic design, sculpture and art theory. For more than seven years, he has lent his skills to the U. S. Department of Agriculture as both a designer and web developer. His most recent projects have included overseeing the electronic dissemination of the 2007 Census of Agriculture and serving in an advisory role regarding the expansion of agency web 2.0 efforts.