Becoming more sustainable is emerging as the driving force of business in the 21st Century

Because global population is increasing from today's 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050 and our natural resource base is shrinking, businesses are having to adapt more quickly to global changes. To meet the needs and expectations of the growing population, resource and material efficiency will have to improve 400% to 1000%. That means innovation on an unprecedented scale in all sectors of the economy will be required and presents tremendous opportunities for those who understand this new reality and are properly prepared and positioned.

EFI provides a decision-making framework for 21st Century business

In response to the expressed need of businesses for such prepared and skilled individuals, EFI has developed a process to analyze the most powerful global forces that will drive change in the 21st Century, examine how companies are responding, and provide a framework for decision-making.

EFI's process combines analysis of the forces with individual and group work to develop personal analysis and decision-making skills. The process explores long-term changes, emerging trends, new business models, case studies, and a host of examples of change-driven innovation so that your staff learns to recognize opportunities previously seen obstacles.

EFI's process builds awareness and understanding of sustainability opportunities within an organization. EFI's approach, which has been utilized by major universities and Fortune 500 companies has been found to be the most effective way to develop a greater understanding of sustainability issues and the related challenges and opportunities.

Sustainable Societies for Business
This course is targeted to business students and business professionals who want to understand the impacts and opportunities that the global drive toward greater sustainability will have on business.

Service Offerings

EFI's goal is to make your people more informed about the sustainability issues that affect your business so that you can capitalize on opportunities. The result is learning, adoption and future success.

Our programs provide the following:

  • An introduction to sustainable development and best practices
  • Heightened awareness and a broad-based understanding of critical global issues
  • Examination and analysis of issue inter-relationships
  • Linkages between challenges and opportunities at the local and regional level


The following is a list of services EFI can provide which the foundation can customize to meet your business' specific needs:

Leadership Workshops & Training (one to three days)
What level of understanding do your people have regarding sustainable development? Are your executives aware of global sustainable development issues and how they impact your business? EFI's experience in developing awareness programs and educating personnel on the opportunities, challenges and solutions is vital to the future success of your company.

Seminars (half day)
These high-level sessions provide executives with an appreciation of the global social, economic and environmental forces that will shape business on the macro scale. Some of our recent seminars include: "Sustainable Development in the Global Business Arena: The Next Wave of Wealth Creation," "What Every Company Needs to Know About the Future," and "Making the Business Case for Sustainable Development."

Research & Analysis
EFI can help your organization in many ways. Perhaps you are launching a new product and need to know what sustainability issues are most closely related to your industry, how strongly they should be be considered or how your customer base is likely to react to your offering. Maybe you want to enter a new market but need a better understanding of the sustainable development trends and opportunities that you can capitalize on in that market.

Speaking Engagements
Whether it's a keynote address to make your audience more aware of the impact of global forces on your industry, or being part of a panel to discuss industry-specific shifts, or any sustainable development-related topic, EFI is available to provide a clear picture of the current issues involved and considerations going forward.